Mobile phone apps are the gateway to penetrating the world of smartphone users. Developing mobile phone applications has become a crucial focus area for businesses. Just look at the following graph about the mobile phone sold worldwide. From the mere figure of 122 million in 2007, the number has rocketed to 1535 million in the year 2021. Additionally, there are 3.8 billion people worldwide who own a smartphone. This figure equates to 48.20% of the population around the world. Overlooking these numbers would be foolish.

The next question is what tools are available to create a successful application. The answer lies in the framework.

What Is A Mobile Application Development Framework?

App development frameworks for mobile devices are software frameworks that support application creation for mobile devices. There are a number of mobile application development available that a developer can put into use. However, there are several factors one has to consider before choosing one:

  • The platform for which app would be built like iOS or Android?
  • Set of features needed
  • Time required to build and launch an application
  • Security features
  • How many times application would be updated
  • Purpose of creating an application

Every year, we see the trend of using particular frameworks. New technologies do get an introduction as well. Let look into 7 most viable mobile application development framework in 2021:

Flutter Mobile Application Development Framework

Given that Google dominates the world of smartphone OS with Android, it makes sense, to begin with, ‘Flutter’. It is the baby of Google. This platform allows developers to build native web, mobile, and desktop applications. The layered architecture of Flutter ensures faster rendering of components.

Examples Of Smartphone Application On Flutter

  • The eBay Motors app
  • Cryptograph
  • Alibaba
  • Insight Timer

Features Of Flutter

  • The UI toolkit includes fully customized widgets helping you to create native applications in a short amount of time.:
  • Integrated material design
  • Motion APIs with rich features
  • Work for both Apple and Android devices
  • Effective widget support
  • High-performance application
  • Self Rendering Engine

Ionic Framework

This open-source UI powerful framework lets you create high-quality mobile and desktop apps, as well as progressive web apps. However, It makes use of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using it, developers can create codes once and run them anywhere.

The Ionic framework is a great choice for those seeking the ability to make native functionality in apps for multi-platforms. By using Ionic, you can develop apps quickly and efficiently without worrying about maintenance.

Examples Of Smartphone Application On Ionic

  • McDonald’s Türkiye.
  • MarketWatch
  • Sworkit
  • McLaren Automotive

Features Of Ionic

  • Capable of hybrid application & cross-platform development
  • Developers can write once and runs everywhere.
  • It provides a wide range of commercially useful plugins and integrations
  • Offers a high level of security features
  • App development is faster and more affordable
  • Having a robust structure makes the code easier to manage

Corona Frame Work For Mobile Development

Corona is another powerful framework that supports multi-platform and makes life easy for the developers. With this framework, developers can complete app development for mobile devices and desktop systems quickly. They can finish the project once and use it on multiple types of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. and tablets.

Examples Of Smartphone Application On Corona:

  • Tiny Boxes Gaming App
  • Ava Airborne.
  • Gunman Taco Truck.

Features Of Corona Framework

  • Cross-Platform support
  • A powerful tool to build gaming applications
  • Free and open source
  • You can use it with Windows Desktop, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV.
  • Faster development process


Xamarin is a free mobile development kit from Microsoft that you can use to develop Android, iOS, and Windows apps. Developers can use the “write once, run everywhere” simplicity by sharing 75% of their code across various platforms.
Most tools and libraries needed to develop richly featured apps are present in it

Examples Of Smartphone Applications On Xamarin

  • APX.
  • Novarum DX.
  • The World Bank
  • Captio

Features Of Xamarin Framework

  • Reliable support from Microsoft
  • Android, iOS, and Windows-specific APIs and toolkits are all accessible
  • Cross-platform support
  • Cost-effective and takes less time to build.
  • Easily Maintainable

React Native Framework

Introduced by Facebook, it is a community-driven JS library. Using React Native, you can build native apps for all devices and platforms. The React Native framework gives you the ability to create rich iOS and Android applications. It has gained popularity all over the world and many major companies have adopted it to develop their prestigious apps.

React native is easy to recommend mobile app development framework, it helps create appealing User Interfaces.

Examples Of Smartphone Application On React Native

  • Tesla
  • Walmart
  • Airbnb
  • Sound Cloud Pulse

Features Of React Native Framework

  • Backed by Facebook, it is a well-supported framework
  • It allows developers to build blocks of codes that developers can use as per their needs
  • Cross-platform support

Solar2D Framework For Mobile Gaming Apps Development

It is a gaming-focused open-source framework specifically designed for cross-platform. With the help of Solar2D, a developer can make mobile applications for all devices, including mobile, desktop, and connected TV, with one codebase.

Examples Of Smartphone game apps On Solar2D

  • Gunman Taco Truck
  • Zip Zap
  • I Love Hue
  • The Lost City
  • Mandora

Features Of Solar2D Framework

  • Developers can build powerful games apps way faster than another framework
  • Supports iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, macOS, and Windows
  • Presence Of Strong API support.
  • Cost-Effective Application Development.

jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is a user interface framework developed on top of jQuery Core that helps developers create responsive websites or applications across a wide variety of devices. This API combines features from jQuery and jQueryUI to provide features for mobile web applications.

Example of mobile apps built on jQuery:

  • Phonegap
  • RSS Reader
  • Sandbox

Features Of jQuery mobile app development framework

  • Cross-platform and cross-browser support makes Jquery one of the most popular Frameworks available today.
  • Availability of Vast pol custom themes
  • It allows the reusability of the codes
  • Layout development using minimal scripts
  • Affordable and fast framework


Moreover, Above explained frameworks are worth your consideration if you are looking to build apps for mobiles. Most of them provide cross-platform, are technologically more advanced. They provide a rich set of features along with being affordable and fast. Some of these frameworks are really good for building gaming apps. Therefore, irrespective of your purpose, you should be able to find a framework to fulfill your need.

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