“Page Speed is a killer aspect”

Due to modernization, everybody is shifting towards the online mode of caring out business activities. Creating a business website is easy, but maintaining it is not. The above statement is true in the way that page speed can kill your reputation. The more is the loading time, the more you lose customers. Sounds daunting right? But you need not worry about it. In this blog, you will get to know everything about loading time, how to improve it, and a lot more. So if it is something that interests you, spare some time to read this blog till the end. Let’s get started.

All about Page Speed

A site’s performance depends on its page speed. Unless you understand how the metrics work, and, more specifically, how they are determined, you will have difficulty improving. It’s essential that your web pages load quickly and smoothly to decrease your bounce rate. But the question arises what a page speed actually means?

Your page speed is the speed at which the pages on your site load when someone visits them. The page speed is different from the website speed and represents the loading time of a specific page. The variety of factors that can influence the page speed are:

  • On this page, how many images, videos, and other media files are included
  • Installed themes and plugins on your site
  • The coding and server-side scripts for your site (and the specific page)

All of the above-mentioned elements affect the loading speed of your website which automatically affects your website’s UX. now, you might be wondering why the page speed is important? We have answered your questions:

Why page speed is important?

The speed at which a page load is vital. In a Google study, it was found that the possibility of bounces (the visitor leaving immediately) increases when loading times increase from one to three seconds. The probability of a bounce rises by 90% when the page loads slowly.  

When your pages take a long time to load, you substantially increase the likelihood that visitors will leave. In addition, if your web pages are slow, this can affect your ability to drive engagement and conversions. This sounds daunting, right? However, you need not worry about anything. Here are some amazing ways for you that will help you know how to improve the loading time of your website:

How to reduce the loading time of a website? 

Website speed optimization is important not only for users visiting the website but also for search engine rankings. Here’s what you need to do:

Determine the current website speed

You should do a speed analysis of your website in order to determine the current speed. Using this method will allow you to track your progress over time. In addition, it will ensure that any modifications you make will improve the website’s load time

Image optimization to reduce the loading time

Make sure you use the right file format when and where you need it. Changing files from one format to another and using them directly can dramatically reduce the size of a picture. If you want to display images with color, moving objects, etc., a GIF is a way to go. The JPEG format is excellent for images containing lots of colors and photographs.

Properly scale the images

The images must be scaled properly before it goes live on the website. Suppose you have a picture of 1000 X 1000 pixels that is reduced to 100 X 100 pixels using CSS. In this case, the browser loads 10 times more than needed the actual size of the image

Content compression and speed optimization

Optimizing the speed of your website can be done by compressing the content present on your website. If you use HTTP compression, your web page data will be sent to a single small file rather than many different files in a request. It will remove all the unwanted white space characters like space, newline, tab, etc.


Hopefully, this blog turns out to be beneficial for you. Now as you are clear about the concept of page speed and the ways to improve it, you might be wondering how to get it done? Team Virtual Oplossing is your one-stop destination to get it. We are committed to your success. So we develop unique, speedy, and error-free websites. Contact now! 

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