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“Headless eCommerce- the future of the eCommerce platforms”

In a few years, E-Commerce Times predicts that headless commerce will become the norm across websites. As a relatively new concept, headless commerce offers both retailers and customers numerous benefits, including faster website speeds and better personalization options. It is totally understandable that headless eCommerce is a new concept and very few amongst you might have been familiar with this concept. Simply, headless eCommerce is something that has taken eCommerce to another level. Are you eager to know about this concept in detail? Make sure you read this blog all the way to the end. Here, you will get to know each and everything about headless eCommerce and the topmost headless platforms that will help your business in 2021. Let’s start.

Understand the concept of Headless Ecommerce Platforms

A headless website is one that one can modify without impacting the customer experience since the front end is completely separated from the back end. As a result, the customer’s perspective of the website is separate from the developer’s, so each one is you can customize without affecting the performance of the other.

To put it simply, headless commerce consists of stores that manage content without a front-end delivery layer. Typically a headless commerce platform is that platform where you do not see coupling with a frontend that leaves the backend as the only thing to perform a function The question that might strike your mind can be is headless commerce right for your business? Let’s see:

Is Headless Commerce Right for your Business?

Certainly, headless commerce can enhance certain areas of an online store, but it is not necessarily the best approach for small businesses. Since a headless platform requires users to build their websites from the ground up, transitioning to it can be time-consuming and difficult. Nevertheless, if your company is growing so fast that your site can’t keep up, you might want to take a look at how headless commerce has helped other successful retailers build beautiful websites, create incredible customer experiences, and more. Now, as if you are clear about the concept of headless commerce, let’s explore the top 10 headless platforms that will help you to grow in 2021:

Top 10 Headless Ecommerce Platforms

Described below are the features that make each headless eCommerce platform so popular:

Magento E-Commerce

It is considered the best headless commerce platform for analytics and data visualization. Magento Commerce offers developers the ability to deliver high-quality products custom This personalization can be enabled through experimentation. Magento’s separate systems allow experimentation without affecting other systems’ operations. Additionally, you can export data directly to inboxes as well as get insights into order values, lifetime values, retention rates, and more.

It is considered the best headless commerce platform for high speed. With’s site editor, you can see the actual site while editing. So WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) takes on an entirely new level. With this, you can tailor the website’s look and feel to your liking.


It is considered the best headless commerce for wholesalers. OroCommerce comes from the same leadership team in charge of Magento and is a leading B2B e-commerce platform. It can, however, be customized for any B2C, B2B, B2B2B, and B2C eCommerce requirements. You can conduct multi-website and multi-warehouse inventory management with EasyCommerce. The prices of catalogs can also be adjusted.


It is considered the best headless platform with always-on availability. Shopify Plus‘ headless eCommerce lets you separate your front-end design from your back-end infrastructure, enabling your brand to be accessible on any device and on any channel. Through headless commerce, users can steer creative control over all touchpoints to maximize customer engagement. With a custom storefront, such as Wi-Fi kiosks, wearables, vending machines, and billboards, your business software and content management system can engage customers.


It is considered the best headless commerce platform for WordPress plugins. BigCommerce is a leader in the eCommerce space, offering full-service features covering everything you need to run an eCommerce business. Tools are available for displaying products, segmenting customer data, managing payment processing, retrieving carts, and so forth.


It is considered the best for agile workflows. Contentful is a content-centric platform that runs on a decoupled infrastructure and uses agile workflows to reduce time to market. Team members can structure the content for all digital channels in one central location. With its open APIs and integration capabilities, it can structure the content for multiple platforms and channels.

Acro Media

It is the best platform for Drupal-based projects. As an eCommerce platform provider, Acro Media uses Drupal technology to develop eCommerce products, design them, and deliver them. You can build collaborative partnerships with its agile methodology.

Kentico Kontent

It is the best platform with an intuitive authoring experience. A headless content management system such as Kentico Kontent gives your business the flexibility to integrate modern applications that distinguish you from your competition and scale your profitability.


It is the best platform with a point of sale functionality. With Commercetools, you can create an evolutionary eCommerce architecture using headless eCommerce technology. By deploying it in the cloud, it provides a point of sale solution.

Salsita Software

It creates headless commerce through software development. It provides fast load times, complete front-end customization, a personalized customer experience, higher flexibility, and a fully omnichannel experience. All of this helps you save money and prepare your platform for the future.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog has made you clear about the concept of headless commerce platforms and the top 10 platforms. This is for sure that this blog has convinced you to avail these services. Where can you obtain these services? We at Virtual Oplossing have got you covered. Whenever you need us, we are here for you. Hurry Up! Feel free to give us a try.

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