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React Native is an open-source cross-platform framework developed by Facebook. It helps you to build mobile applications using JavaScript as its core. You can also use react native API components to build a web application that uses React DOM as its core.

It makes it convenient to write mobile apps for two platforms i.e. iOS and Android. It enables you to develop multi-platform applications by providing browser-compatible implementations of React Native's core components.

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With React, many developers use plain CSS or a CSS preprocessor like Sass. But in React Native, all styles are written with JavaScript, as there is no DOM or selectors. The app will run both on the web and mobile using the React Native Web library, which lets you use React Native components and APIs in web applications.

It remains one of the most popular and versatile frameworks as of 2021 and there is nothing to suggest that it will die soon. But the question arises, what is the importance of React Native Web Development?

Benefits of React Native
Web Development

Though there are endless benefits of all the web development services. We at Virtual Oplossing have listed the topmost benefits of React Native Web development here:

Community driven

The development of React Native actually started to respond to the needs of the developer community. There are endless advantages to use such community-driven software as it allows the availability of a huge team of enthusiastic JS and native developers willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Better performance for mobile

The architect of this software is designed in such a way that it is very well tuned to mobile devices. React Native is super fast as compared to hybrid technologies.

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Using React Native can help you use the same code for the deployment of both iOS and Android. This will automatically lead to huge savings in development time and cost.

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Live reload

React Native is built on reacting ideas that allow you to create powerful mobile applications. With this web development, you can immediately see the effect of what you have changed in one screen, on the other screen in case you have opened two windows at the same time.

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