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For quite some time, there has been a very good alternative found for native development. This alternative is known as cross-platform development. React Native app development is a thriving solution today. But the question arises what actually a react native app development is? React Native is an open-source framework that is created by Facebook with a declarative program for building native mobile apps using JavaScript.

It basically combines the best parts of native development with React which is a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

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Moreover, it is seen that many companies prefer to build their apps using React Native as a solution because one can write pretty much all of the code in JavaScript and share it across iOS and Android, and doesn’t need to pay for two separate teams of developers maintaining two different code bases.

There are some of the major benefits of react native mobile app development that will make you clear why there is a need for it.

Benefits of React Native
Mobile App Development

With endless benefits of everything, we at Virtual Oplossing have listed some of the best benefits of React Native Mobile App Development. It includes:

Save time and money

As JavaScript could be used for both iOS and Android systems so there is no need to create separate codes for these platforms. Moreover, if a company already has a web application on React, some of this code can be reused to create a mobile application.

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Quick changes

React Native mobile app development has hot and live reloading functions at its core. This enables developers to work with code changes in real-time and make fixes while the app is loading. Therefore, it makes the above-mentioned m]point even more justifiable, making application development faster, more efficient, and more intuitive.

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Third-party plugin support

React Native is still evolving, so components that would meet some specific business needs may be missing. To overcome this, React Native provides two types of third-party plugins i.e. JavaScript-based and Native modules.

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Increased flexibility

It makes it easy for different developers on a team to jump in where someone else left off and continue building because of the interface used. This helps in increasing the team’s flexibility and makes it easy to upgrade the app.

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